Name: Ti Amo Chocolate
Chinese Name: 愛上巧克力 ( Ai Shang Qiao Ke Li)
Broadcast Network: SET
Broadcast Period: April 20, 2012 –
Opening Theme Song: Undefeatable (不敗) by Vanness Wu and Lee Junho
Closing Theme Song: Tu Zhong (途中) by Jane Huang

General Synopsis
Hong Xi En is a 23 year old girl who works hard to earn money for her family. She works at a flower shop, helps her dad drive a taxi, and does any other jobs she can get. Her goal is to make enough money so her family is financially secure, even if it means pretending to be a boy.

Fang Jia Hua is an extremely rich 27 year old. His father owns an extremely large food company that sells all sorts of food products except chocolate. Unfortunately, it just happens to be the favorite food of Jia Hua’s mom, who was chased away from the family 27 years ago. Since his mother’s departure, it has always been Jia Hua’s dream have his father company produce chocolate for the world to eat in reminder of his mother. Denied that dream by his father, Jia Hua decides to set out on his own to open a chocolate store. After crashing into each other in a car accident, their two lives seem to intertwine.

Jia Hua’s dream of owning his own chocolate store and Hong Xi En’s dream of earning more money lead both characters to the same chocolate shop where they become co-workers, with Jia Hua believing Hong Xi En to be a guy.

Fang Jia Hua 方家驊: Vanness Wu
Hong Xi En 洪希恩: Joanne Zeng
Fang Jia Rei 方家瑞: Michael ZhangWang Zi Yi王子翊: Wang Zi
Hong Xi Ping 洪希平 (Hong Xi En’s brother): Ah Ben
Ye Mei Ren 葉美人 (Hong Xi En’s mother): Doris Kuang
Hong Xi Hui 洪希惠 (Hong Xi En’s sister): Guo Shu Yao
Su Yi Cheng 蘇一誠: Bu Xue Liang Ge Jia Yi 戈嘉怡: Ge Wei Ru
Wei Li 威力: MC40
Kai Li 凱莉: Hannah Quinlivan

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